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The Domestics are the musical duo Larissa and Andy based on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Carefully crafted songs, organic and real – flowing from their personal experiences together.

[hr]“I’ve hung your washing out for you my dear … and it was speaking to me!!”

This is how the our song ‘Domestic Bliss‘ was born and is where we get our name from! It was one of the first songs that we wrote together and came about when Larissa was staying over at Andy’s not long after they first got together and happened to be doing his washing while he was out at work.

They have gone on to expand their repertoire with both original songs and the odd cover and have performed at a variety of different venues.

“We are passionate about our music – it has been a dream for both of us to write and share our thoughts and desires, our trials and tribulations, our journey through our songs. When we first got together romantically and discovered our mutual love of music – that was it, we were sold – hook line and sinker. Seems to be going ok so far!.”

Utilising an unusual combination of instruments to create their unique style including Andy’s ‘cello and Larissa’s melodica (aka ‘the blowy thing’) – they make the most of their abilities to create their stories in a fun and slightly quirky way.

Join them on their adventure together as seen through their music.