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The Domestics

We are The Domestics

The Domestics are the musical duo Larissa and Andy based on Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. Carefully crafted songs, organic and real – flowing from their personal experiences together.

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Andy at Ellamy Studios



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This duo offer a deep and humorous experience that makes you both cry and giggle at being human. There's something about Andy's cello that moves me so truly. And Larissa's voice is so sultry and delicious. I can't wait to see where these two go.
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Instant fan! The Domestics give a mesmerising performance.
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Apart from being totally lush, and hilarious and sexy these guys can pack a performance with so much neurosis that you'll be laughing at yourself all the way home.


We are Larissa and Andy. We got together romantically in May 2017 and both discovered our love of music. After a number of interesting discussions around musical direction we have found a happy medium to allow the co-existence of our diverse musical tastes!

Andy is guitarist and cellist; Larissa plays keys and guitar – and we both sing and write. Our songs are carefully crafted organic and real – some dealing with deep feelings, some drawing upon the light-heartedness of life, but all flowing from our personal experiences.

It was with much butting of heads that the cello was introduced to our musical arsenal – it had been may years since Andy last picked it up and it was a long road to find that talent again – but Larissas persistence at its adoption has resulted in a unique format that we can draw upon when moment is right.

We first performed together at the Sandbar on Waiheke Island in September 2017. We sung our own arrangements of a couple of PJ Harvey songs also introduced our original ‘Domestic Bliss’ which was received with great enthusiasm – not sure the Song and Poetry evening quite knew what hit it!

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The Domestics are busy writing new material and living the dream! Come see us and have some fun!

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