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A sneaky peak into The Domestics’ sacred processes of birthing our new song – ‘Change Your Life’. We’re looking forward to adding this to our repertoire. We will be performing this one at our next gig which we think will be at the Artworks Theater at the end of June!

Andy’s hair is a complete mess and Larissa is stealing his beer! The washing has been hung out and we have cheese and crackers – all set for a practice – and a bit of fun!

We came up with this idea for a new song while we were away on our summer holidays back in February. The riff for the chorus is powerful and energised making full use of the drop-d tuning on the guitar to give a massive sound. Larissa’s intuitive lyric’s defined the idea for the song and before long the chorus was fleshed out. However we got a bit stuck there and the song has sat largely untouched since then. Last weekend we were working on new material and Andy came up with another cool riff – also in drop-d tuning with a ‘slide’ feel to it and it wasn’t long before we recognised that it would work as the verse for ‘Change Your Life’ and having married the two together we found that the words flowed from there.

We’ve got the song structure now, including a bridge and even an intro. Most of the words are there, although they’re subject to change based on some forthcoming negotiations … So now to apply some polish to this rough hewn creation – perhaps some looped drums and less mistakes! We thought we’d share it with you!

We’re also working on another new song for our next performance – called ‘How Many Ways’. It’s a quiet reflective song with Larissa and Andy both on guitars accompanying Larissa’s vocals – simple, open and lovely it is a beautiful heartfelt song. There’s no advanced preview of this one and we’re looking forwards to revealing it to you soon…

Thanks for reading and watching … see you soon!

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