She and We

Andrew Windibank and Larissa Wallin
Copyright © 2020

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She and We

Tag 1
It’s not meant to happen that way she said to me,
But I don’t mind, I think it’s called fluidity
There’s a lot more than there seems a lot more possibilities

She, She and We, We and she
She, She and We, We and she

Verse 1
You are omni I am pan, can you have some? Yes you can!
Are you a woman or a man? I maybe a man maybe trans
Are you coming out tonight? I’m in the closet still, Bi-curious!

— Chorus —

Verse 2
I am Demi to maybe, so dinner could be good with me,
Unless you’re strictly gay not pan or omniTarian
If you’re polyamorous, I could be non-libido list, or sex averse!

— Shaker Break —

Tag 2
You, you think I’m bad, I can tell
Well can you buy me glasses for my heart, because I don’t understand
And I never think I will that won’t be a big deal, will it?

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