Armchair Insomniacs

Andy had a chance encounter at Ellamy Studios with the mysterious Armchair Insomniacs and ended up contributing some guitaring to a few tracks on their new self-titled album. So pleased to have my talents etched on real vinyl at last!

About AI (in their words!):
“No one is quite sure who they are. What we do know is they are multi-dimensional beings, a collective, surfing a harmonic universe of sound, light and love. In a multi-dimensional universe, vibration is everything. Armchair Insomniacs give form to that vibration – meditations on themes, dreams, hopes and possibilities – through word and sound, appearing in that space between awake and asleep. Currently transmitting from New Zealand, this debut album finds that humanity is part of that vibration and the songs are a journey through that humanity.”

The album is great – have a listen on Spotify
You can download at Bandcamp
Or if you’re really keen you can order on 180gm Vinyl from their web site

Andy is playing on the tracks ‘Free Love’ and ‘Sail On’

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