The Domestics

Ok, so we’ve just started – we are Larissa and Andy and we got together romantically in May 2017 and both discovered our love of music. After a number of interesting discussions around musical direction we have found a happy medium to allow the co-existence of our diverse musical tastes!

Andy is guitarist and cellist; Larissa plays keys and guitar – and we both sing and write. Our songs are carefully crafted organic and real – some dealing with deep feelings, some drawing upon the light-heartedness of life, but all flowing from our personal experiences.

It was with much butting of heads that the cello was introduced to our musical arsenal – it had been may years since Andy last picked it up and it was a long road to find that talent again – but Larissas persistence at its adoption has resulted in a unique format that we can draw upon when moment is right.

We first performed together at the Sandbar on Waiheke Island in September 2017. We sung our own arrangements of a couple of PJ Harvey songs also introduced our original ‘Domestic Bliss’ which was received with great enthusiasm – not sure the Song and Poetry evening quite knew what hit it!

The Domestics are busy writing new material and living the dream! Come see us and have some fun!